Factoring with a 100% Prepayment


We can offer a genuine 100% prepayment against the gross value of invoices.

In recent years we have seen the prepayment levels rise from 80% up to 90% as a norm while lenders strive to offer clients more and win market share. However, we now have the ability to offer a genuine 100% prepayment level.

I say a genuine 100% prepayment level because some lenders have claimed this before while in fact they offer a 85% prepayment on the invoices with a loan equal to the 15% that is repaid on an accelarated profile such as 12 months. This is obviously a benefit to many businesses with a short term cash flow issue but the monthly repayment on such a profile brings with it it’s own cash flow pressures. A true 100% prepayment on a revolving basis can offer much needed liquidity to businesses.

The 100% prepayment for invoice finance is great for businesses that are under pressure on margins or businesses that are in a high growth phase. Such a facility will ensure that you will not overtrade. While covering supplier payments it will also contribute towards wage bills and marketing costs to drive the growth.

If you feel that your business may benefit from a genuine 100% prepayment against it’s invoices then please get in touch with us on 0845 251 4040.