Finance to Import Machinery

Are you looking to import machinery? Are you arranging finance but the lender wants the machinery delivered before they will finance it? Does your supplier want paying upfront?

At Funding Solutions we understand the challenge this can pose. Our solution is in effect two finance facilities that operate back to back. The first will be a trade finance facility which allows the supplier to be paid upfront and the equipment to be delivered to your premises. The second facility will be an asset finance facility that will finance the machinery over 12 – 60 months.

The benefits of this type of finance are:

– you can source the exact machinery you want

– you can use any supplier in any country

– you can take advantage of cheaper prices

– you can take advantage of exchange rates


As we have a variety of solutions our criteria are varied but we can help most businesses. If you are buying machinery and looking for finance it is definitely worth a conversation.

How does it work?

The trade finance facility will pay the supplier upfront as agreed. The equipment will be shipped and delivered to your premises. At this point an asset finance agreement will be used to repay the trade finance facility. This asset finance agreement can be a hire purchase facility or a finance lease. The term of the facility can be 12 months to 60 months. This allows you to spread the cost of the new machinery over a longer term to aid cash flow.

Who are we?

Funding Solutions are totally independent and offer impartial advice to businesses about all forms of finance. We aim to explain the options available to businesses so that they can make an informed decision. Importantly, there is no hard sell,  just honest advice.

If you are looking to purchase new machinery from another country and need to pay the supplier upfront, speak with us about our solution. It can be tailored to your unique requirements. Speak to us on 0845 251 4040