Information About A Scam Using Our Name

We have had several calls from people who have been charged an arrangement fee and in some cases the first instalment on a loan only for the loan not to be provided. We can assure you that this is nothing to do with our company Funding Solutions UK Limited.


The business conducting this scam uses website  and telephone number 0127-303-3334. We have tried the phone number and it seems to link to an overseas call centre.


What steps have we taken? So far we have done the following:


– we have reported this to the FCA. This can be done at


– we have reported it to the web hosting company Namecheap. You too can report the issue via their website


– we have reported the matter to the financial institution that they use to take the deposits. If you paid money to an account with sort code 23 69 72 this is Prepay Technologies Limited and the e-mail is


– we were also contacted by the Financial Ombusdman in this regard and would encourage you to e-mail:


The business who appear to be committing this scam also claim to be Funding Solutions Limited. This is a company owned by Simon Button who is a reputable business finance broker trading as The Business Bureau. He is also not involved in any way and initially brought this issue to our attention.


If you have been caught out by this scam then you have our sympathies. We encourage you to raise the issue with the institutions named above. By working together and raising the profile of this scam we can hopefully get them closed down.