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Funding Solutions – Think International

If your business has a global outreach of any kind we can assist. Whether that means you have overseas suppliers, export customers or foreign subsidiaries we can help.

In todays global economy the ability to finance transactions and businesses around the world has become very important and at Funding Solutions we embrace that.

Our services can help in the following ways:


We provide export invoice finance facilities to businesses that are exporting. This smooths cash flow but also offers risk protection and credit control where required. You can access up to 90% of the invoice value when you have transferred ownership to your end customer. In addition you can assess the credit worthiness of your customer, insure against the risk of non payment and use credit control services to ensure prompt payment.

We recently worked with an exporter of heavy machinery to secure a cash flow solution that provides access to cash throughout the manufacturing process.


We have some great solutions for importers. Whether you are importing a finished product against confirmed orders or component parts for stock we have solutions that can help you pay suppliers and get the goods to you. There are a variety of solutions depending on your requirement and at what stage you need to access funding.

We recently worked with a clothing supplier to facilitate imports. We used a mix of purchase finance, trade finance and invoice finance to provide £2.7m of funding.

Foreign Subsidiaries

We have a strong track record of delivering funding solutions to subsidiaries around the globe. We have set up funding solutions for businesses in Ireland, Germany, Mauritius, South Africa, U.S. and Qatar. Our capabilities stretch around the world so if you have a foreign subsidiary or you are considering opening one please get in touch.

No matter what your challenge may be relating to global funding get in touch – 0845 251 4040