Invoice Finance for GRI (formerly DePoel)

GRI Invoice Discounting

Invoice Finance for GRI suppliers

We help a lot of clients who require invoice discounting or factoring for GRI (De Poel). Historically the major issue with DePoel was that they had a ‘pay when paid’ clause within their contracts. This became less of an issue as invoice finance providers became more interested in who was sitting behind DePoel. In other words they wanted to know the credit worthiness of the end customer.

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GRI were formerly known as DePoel but after the buyout in January 2018 they changed their name. GRI in the UK provides outsourced solutions to the hiring and management of contingent/non-permanent workers in both the public and private sector. They work with over 150 clients, manage almost 4,000 recruitment agencies, offer talent pool/bank solutions and are entrusted with over £1billion worth of recruitment spend each year.

A major issue now is the credit insurance limits available for GRI. The market seems luke warm at best and credit insurance seems only to be available for larger requirements and at a real premium.

If you have a contract with DePoel or GRI please get in touch and talk with us about your requirement. We can provide invoice finance solutions for this and other managed service providers. Speak with us on 0845 251 4040 or e-mail us at