Invoice Finance for Low Turnover Businesses

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Invoice Finance for businesses with a low turnover has often not been a choice because of high fees and minimum turnover requirements. However, smaller businesses now have a variety of options that are both flexible and cost effective. Speak with us about your options on 0845 251 4040



As a small business owner it is important that you minimise costs to ensure you have every chance of surviving. However, you also want to thrive and a working capital facility such as invoice finance is ideal for fuelling growth. Historically, lenders would not fund the smaller end of the market or their annual minimum fees made it unviable.

At Funding Solutions we have some excellent solutions for smaller businesses. We can offer facilities with no minimum monthly fees or in some cases very low monthly minimum fees. We work with new start businesses to set up facilities that allow for growth without crippling the business with unnecessary costs.

We want to build long term relationships with small businesses. We want to be part of the journey and to support them as a client as they grow and evolve.

If you have a new start business or a small business and you are looking for a cash flow solution such as invoice finance we would be delighted to work with you.

Invoice Finance Benefits:

– it can release up to 90% of the gross invoice value from your outstanding invoices.

– as a flexible source of working capital it grows with you.

– it is  cost effective when structured properly

– it can fuel growth