Receivables Finance for Bunkering


At Funding Solutions we are well versed in the world of bunkering and receivables finance.

Our most recent transaction is a USD15m receivables finance transaction for a Singapore based bunkering business. We have structured a facility with an 85% prepayment against insured buyers or 75% prepayment against uninsured buyers.


We understand the challenges that the bunkering industry faces in raising funds alongside the challenges that fluctuating oil prices cause. We can work with global organisations to structure receivables finance facilities to enhance cash flow and working capital.


What is receivables finance?


Receivables finance allows you to access the cash tied up in unpaid invoices to buyers. It is a valuable source of working capital and can help bunkering businesses take on larger transactions and more customers.


How do I apply?


If you have a bunkering business and want to discuss what funding options are available to you please get in touch on +44 845 251 4040