Recruitment Companies – Recent Highlights

Funding Solutions for UK Businesses

Recruitment Businesses

We work with and add real value to a lot of recruitment companies that have or require invoice finance.

Here are some recent highlights:

100% Prepayment to facilitate an MBO:

Our client had the opportunity to purchase the business that she worked for. We were able to offer an invoice discounting facility at 100% prepayment to help with that purchase. Could you benefit from a 100% prepayment?

58% Cost Reduction:

Our client advised that they had a good deal with their bank. In fairness they did have quite a good deal but with changes in market pricing we have delivered a 58% cost reduction. Are you paying more than you should?

Finance for Foreign Subsidiaries:

Our client has taken a view on Brexit and wants to set up subsidiaries across the world. We have provided invoice finance facilities to these subsidiaries. Are you looking at expansion in to new markets?

Overseas Placements:

Our client places contractors mostly outside the UK. We were able to fund these contractor placements and also do so without the requirement for credit insurance which provided a cost reduction. Can we help you grow?

If you have a recruitment business with funding in place we are almost certain we can add value.

The process is a simple one and there is no hard sell. Just an explanation of your options so that you can make an informed decision.

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