Telegraph Article – P2P Firms Face Huge Losses…. UK Exim Finance and UK Exim

There was an article in the Telegraph on Friday, 2 October 2020 about the losses that Assetz Capital and Archover face due to the failures of UK Exim Limited and UK Exim Finance Limited respectively.


The article describes a series of transactions and a potential fraud between businesses owned by Mark Runiewicz and his partner and possible wife, Mary McErlain. Both run SC Advisors.


On their Trustpilot page, Archover describe the losses to UK Exim Finance as due to a fraud. They say, “The company you refer to is UK EXIM Finance (UEF) not EXIM. The company was not introduced by our parent company. As you are well aware this fraud has affected a number of other lenders as well as ArchOver but our monitoring team was the first to uncover it. UEF had been a legitimate borrower for a number of years until this year.”



These reviews from investors and the comments from Archover can be seen here:


Mark Runiewicz is currently representing an Irish business finance platform called Convertibill.



The article can be read here: Telegraph Article UK Exim Finance

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