Why Use a Business Finance Broker like Funding Solutions?

Funding Solutions are market experts. We specialise in helping businesses source funding, structure funding in a manner that actually works for businesses and source money that is cost effective relative to the market. This is all we do, day in day out and we enjoy what we do.

Importantly, there is no ‘hard sell’. Just an explanation of what your options are so that you can make an informed decision. Afterall, we believe only you as a business owner can decide what is best for your business.

As a business owner it may be worth considering what your options are:

Do it Yourself

As an intelligent person you can obviously go out and explore the world of business finance on your own. This may entail a search on the internet, a flick through the Yellow Pages and perhaps a chat with several sales people all of which will tell you that they are the best funder for your business. This is likely to be time consuming and frustrating. At Funding Solutions we can make life easier and also apply some real science to the process. We understand the market and who can deliver what type of funding so why leave things to chance?

Bank Manager

With many banks moving away from providing small businesses a dedicated bank manager of any worth, consider yourself lucky if you have a bank manager that understand your business and it’s requirements. Historically, bank managersd may well have been the first port of call for most business owners looking to borrow money. However, even if you are lucky enough to have a good bank manager, remember that they can only offer you their own banks products. We would consider most banks generalists in terms of what they offer and would argue that that are almost definitely better and cheaper offerings in the market of lenders outside the banks.


An accountant can offer valuable advice. A good accountant will be helping your forecast your borrowing requirement well ahead of it coming up so their advice is invaluable. We work together with business accountants on a regular basis to come up with funding solutions for their clients. Due to our specialism in raising funding we speak to the business finance lenders on a daily basis. This means at Funding Solutions we understand the criteria and capabilities of the lenders in the market in a way that accountants can’t due to the time they can dedicate to it.

More About Funding Solutions:

  • Dedicated experts – all we do is help businesses source finance

  • An excellent understanding of the business finance market and lenders capabilities and criteria

  • Access to senior decision makers within the lenders meaning we can cut out the ‘waffle’

  • No ‘hard sell’ just genuine advice and an explanation of your options so that you can make an informed decision

  • We are totally independent and impartial so we are focussed purely on meeting the needs of your business

If you have a borrowing requirement or would like to review your existing facilities please get in touch on 0845 251 4040