Why Use A Factoring Broker?


At Funding Solutions we pride ourselves on being an invoice factoring broker. Our experience, market knowledge of the industry, it’s lenders and the available products allow us to provide an excellent service which will save you both time and money.

Our experience is drawn from the world of banking, specialised lending, accountancy and restructuring. But importantly we are business people just like you. We understand the challenges that you face and we understand that you want to move forward with confidence and with full transparency and understanding of what you are signing up for.

So how should a good factoring broker operate?

Well we pride ourselves on being an excellent factoring broker and this is how we operate:

  1. We aim to understand your business, it’s processes and your goals with regards to your business.
  2. We aim to understand your financial requirement, why you require the finance and what you need your factoring facility to achieve.
  3. From there we will source suitable factoring providers having carefully considered which are appropriate given our findings.
  4. We will progress the suitable lenders to a level where they are happy to make a formal offer to your business.
  5. Importantly we will focus on the structure of the facility to ensure there are no restrictions that can impact on funding.
  6. We will fully explain the cost structure well beyond the headline rates. This means you will fully understand the total costs involved in entering into a facility.
  7. Where necessary we will work with you to improve your internal processes to make your business more suitable to factoring.
  8. If need be we can work with you to implement a solid cash flow forecasting technique to help you plan your growth and highlight any problems.

If you like how we operate as a factoring broker, why not give us a call on 0845 251 4040.

The advantages of using a factoring broker

  • As a specialised factoring broker we deal with businesses like yours each day. However, we also structure factoring facilities and deal with the factoring companies each day. This means that we have an in depth knowledge of the market and how the lenders operate.
  • Rather than just choosing random lenders from a directory or from the internet we use our expertise to select the lenders that can meet your needs.
  • We use the whole market to find the most suitable facility for your business. We are not restricted to selling the products or credit policy of a single factoring company.
  • Our focus is on your unique needs and requirements rather than on our own sales targets. As such you can be sure our advice is totally independent and impartial.
  • With our knowledge of the market and the factoring companies within that market we can save you time by approaching only lenders that can assist you.
  • Due to our extensive knowledge of how facilities are priced and what hidden charges can impact on your factoring costs we can save you significant amounts of money.

So if you are looking for an experienced, independent and impartial factoring broker please contact us or get a free invoice finance quote online.

We look forward to hearing from you.