Factoring Invoices to GRI

Factoring GRI Invoices

Factoring for GRI Invoices

Many businesses are asked to issue invoices via GRI. The problem is that many invoice finance or factoring businesses will not finance these invoices. The good news is that we can help so please get in touch on 0845 251 4040.


Why won’t lenders offer funding against GRI invoices? Ever since they were called dePoel there was an issue with what is termed the ‘pay when paid’ clause. There have also been issues with lenders getting the necessary credit limits to provide adequate funding.


However, for many agencies GRI represent a fantastic opportunity to provide staff to larger clients. This can provide access to much larger revenue streams and profits. It would be a shame to miss out on these opportunities because of a lack of funding.


How can we help with funding against GRI invoices?


– we can offer invoice finance advance rates of up to 100% against GRI invoices

– we can offer facilities with a 100% concentration limit. This means that GRI can be the sole debtor that we provide funding against.

– importantly, we can structure cost effective facilities that maximise your cash generation and allow you to grow and take on new work with peace of mind.



At Funding Solutions, we see a lot of enquiries from businesses operating within the care sector where they are asked to supply staff via GRI.


What are the benefits of factoring your invoices?



– you can access the cash before invoices are paid

– this means that you can meet your weekly payroll without concerns

– the funding is flexible and grows in line with your business

– it allows you to take on additional contracts with peace of mind

– this means you can grow your revenue and profits more quickly



If you are looking for funding against your GRI invoices and want to use a factoring facility please get in touch on 0845 251 4040