Finance Against Confirmed Orders


Have you received a confirmed order from your customer but need to pay your supplier upfront?

We work with many businessses that feel like they have become victims of their own success. They have the orders from customers but they need to get the goods made, get them delivered and then wait at least 30 days after deliver for payment and much longer than that in many instances.

Did you know that you can access funding at the point of the confirmed order? This will allow you to pay your supplier upfront and then finance the entire trade cycle right the way through to the customer actually paying you.

Case Study:

We were approached by a well known fashion designer. His business supplies clothing to well known high street stores, upmarket department stores and online retailers. He was receiving orders from his customers for the coming season yet his supplier wanted paying by letter of credit prior to manufacturing the garments. Once he had the goods manufactured and delivered he was getting paid between 60 – 90 days later.

Our solution was to provide a trade finance facility against the confirmed orders. This allowed a letter of credit to be issued to the supplier. Once the goods were delivered to the customer and an invoice raised an invoice finance facility was used to raise money against the outstanding invoice. This repaid the trade finance facility. When the customer made the payment after 60 – 90 days the invoice finance facility was repaid.

As you can see this funded the entire trade cycle from the point of customer order/supplier payment right the way through to customer payment.

This type of solution is suitable for many businesses:


– Fashion

– Wholesale

– Manufacturing

– Import/Export

– Engineering


To understand this in more detail and explore other options take a look at our guide: How To Finance Supplier Payments

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