Long Term Secured Business Loans

Secured Business Loan

Long term secured business loans can be an ideal way of funding your business. Many secured loans are in effect bridging finance with a short term and high monthly repayments. We can offer secured loans of up to 10 years. The longer term means that the monthly repayments are more manageable and as a result you have less pressure on your cash flow.

So what are the criteria for a secured loan?

1. You need to be a business.

2. You need to have property that you can offer as security. This can be residential or commercial.

3. Typically we can generate up to 70% of LTV less any outstanding mortgages and charges.

The loan can be used for almost any purpose and can even be used for businesses that are in turnaround subject to demonstrating affordability. It can be a great solution for businesses that are light on fixed assets as it allows personal properties to be used. It is also a very good option for start up businesses or businesses that don’t fit the typical criteria for business finance facilities.

Funding Solutions can offer a full range of financial solutions to businesses and we can discuss all your options so that you can make an informed decision.

Case Study

Our client is a well known events management business. They have facilities with a High Street bank. They had decided to open a new company and instead of running other peoples events they were going to have their own event. They borrowed money from the bank to do this. Sadly, they lost their venue and were unable to generate income. The existing business was having to support the new company and the creditor position worsened dramatically. We worked with the business, alongside their bank and their advisers to structure a new secured business loan of £1m. We made this available to them for up to 10 years. The business had secured a new venue and is now generating income. The established business is doing well and the creditor position has returned to normal.

If you feel that a secured business loan may good a good funding solution for your business please get in touch.