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    The 40:40 solution for 60:60 vision in high street banking

    At Funding Solutions we’re not in the business of knocking the high street banks – after all we work closely with all of them on a day-to-day basis and for many businesses they still offer the ideal funding solution. However the high street generally has a penchant for risk averse lending and tends to restrict itself to a narrow selection of products that have become commoditised.

    This means that in a growing number of cases the banks are either unprepared to extend financial support, or their offer will not be the best deal for the borrower. Unless your requirement meets the banks strict criteria you can end up spending a lot of time to no avail.

    Having sat on both sides of the financial fence we believe that banks are the best place to do the business for 60% of customers about 60% of the time. Fair play to them, they view the other 40% as either too risky or not fitting for their criteria and they have shareholders to whom they are responsible.

    If you can’t get funding from your bank the first thing to realise is that there is an entire raft of alternative independent specialised lenders sitting right there behind the high street waiting to do business with you. We work with these lenders and the best thing about them is that because they specialise they can take a much more experienced view of your assets.

    That’s the good news for the SME, entrepreneur or owner-manager looking for any sum from £25,000 to £5 million. We help by knowing who they are, where they are and how best to approach them to get what you want most easily.

    Experience has taught us that the better informed your decision when it comes to funding, the better the deal you will get. As with all buying, it’s important to analyse and compare a range of options and suppliers. As banking and finance professionals we have been doing exactly that for years. This ensures that you get the business funding solution best suited to your requirement from the lender best placed to meet your needs.

    The 40:40 Solution

    Then one day it struck us that the normal hard working business owner and entrepreneur simply didn’t have the luxury of doing the same – the day job was potentially getting in the way of finding both the right funding product and the right lender to help grow the business, or to free up cash for personal reasons.

    That is why we set up Funding Solutions to work with businesses and help those in the 40:40 area of lending to make informed decisions along the following lines:

    • We will empathise with you as a business owner and make sure we understand your goals, your business and your business assets before we make any recommendations.
    • We will never ‘quote online’ – we believe the dynamics of any business are too individual to take the ”one-size-fits-all” approach.
    • We will use our experience and contacts to give you a choice of suppliers who will provide a solution tailor made for your requirements
    • In doing so we will remain a ”trusted advisor” maintaining our independence and impartiality from lenders
    • We will do all the above for FREE – there is no cost at all to you or your business; we make our money on commissions from lenders.

    Of course we can’t guarantee to help in every funding situation, but we do genuinely believe we can offer businesses in the 40:40 area of lending the opportunity to access finance that will allow you to survive, thrive and succeed. Our philosophy is that by doing what we do best we can let you get on with the ”day job”.

    Whether you are looking for invoice finance, asset finance or recruitment invoice finance you should contact us first to see what your options are.