Lender Services

Our lender services are services that we provide to lenders in the asset based lending market.

Invoice Finance – Specific Debtor Book Due Diligence, Periodic Audits and Pre-lend Surveys

Our sister company FS Audit Services has supplied a pre-lend survey and periodic audit service to independent invoice finance service providers since 2009. This solution has been well received and our credibility has been enhanced throughout that time.

Our auditors have a wide range and variety of experience which we make use of. They feature invoice finance professionals, accountants from top 4 accountancy companies and ex bankers. This permits us to get under the skin of businesses and demonstrate the inherent risk.

Specific debtor publication audits, periodic audits and pre-lend studies are taken on.

Cash Flow Forecasting for Clients

We often come across customers that do not have capital forecasts and thus it is tough to decide about the affordability of new loaning or the viability of the business.

The customer may hesitate to obtain capital forecasts either because they do not understand exactly how, don’t have the time or don’t wish to pay their accountants for a service that can be fairly costly. At Funding Solutions we are happy to visit the client and supply a reduced price option to capital forecasting.

We will set up their initial capital forecast and educate them the best ways to update it and keep it current and appropriate. Notably we will show the client how to find any kind of troubles that might appear in the future.

Also, if they like we can arrange in a weekly or month-to-month visit to update the cash flow forecast and review exactly what it is showing.

Debtor Book Collect Out’s.

In a failed situation it is necessary to gather in the debtor book quickly, effectively and skilfully. Our team will take complete management of the ledger and will gather in the debt successfully by using phone calls, letters and visits where required to make sure that invoices are paid and any conflicts dealt with in a professional and methodical way.

Customer Business Reviews.

If a client is having a hard time in terms of productivity or just is not expanding as they would like we have a comprehensive set of business testimonials that we could supply. These testimonials will certainly highlight any type of insufficiencies within the company in terms of the business functions such as finance, marketing, etc

These reviews are at commercial rates and can be built on when issues arise. For example if a review identifies issues within the marketing function we can therefore do an in depth analysis of the marketing function to identify how it can be improved. All records are produced to extremely particular templates and are performed by qualified company consultants.


We would invite the chance to work with your customers so that you and the business proprietors could create a much better understanding of the business. If you feel that we can be of help kindly contact us on 0845 251 4040 or finance@fundingsolutions.co.uk