Asset Finance

For a business aiming to expand and purchase new equipment the right type of finance is vital. Whether you are looking at buying brand-new devices or elevating working resources against equipment or properties you currently possess to fund growth Funding Solutions could help.

Asset Finance, as this sort of funding is known, can be a cost effective remedy, allowing the buyer to spread the cost of acquiring plant, machinery or vehicles over a variety of years. This aids capital and matches the financing to the life of the asset which is essential when structuring the finance of any company.

Asset Finance is The Funding Solution of Choice

According to the Finance & Leasing Association (FLA), Asset Finance now accounts for most of debt-financed capital expenditure within the UK. Around a third of all businesses in the UK with external loaning.

How it works – New Capital Acquisition

Finance Lease

If you are planning to acquire brand-new machines for your business you choose the devices and the needed finance is supplied, either straight or indirectly, by an Finance provider. If you are using a finance lease basically you are contracting the asset by making regular monthly payments to the finance firm over a predetermined term (normally 2 to 5 years). At the end of the term you have the choice to buy the asset for a nominal amount, offering you total control.

Regular payments suggest that capital can be accurately anticipated and the finance system has great tax benefits for SMEs too. HMRC will identify the business as the owner of the asset initially of the arrangement and because of this, the business could assert capital allocations and interest could be offset against profits.

Notably, the VAT is not payable upfront but is spread out throughout the term of the arrangement as the monthly leasing attract the VAT instead of the initial purchase price of the tools.

Hire Purchase

In a comparable way to a finance lease a hire purchase agreement is secured against the equipment. Commonly the complete VAT is payable upfront together with a little down payment against the preliminary expense of the tools. The balance of the amount owed is then dispersed across the period of the contract which is usually 3 to 5 years.

Operating Lease

This is where lenders take a residual value in the machinery. This can be suitable for big purchases and means that you are not financing the entire price of the machinery. This provides tax advantages and is ideal if ‘off balance sheet’ funding is what you are looking for. The leasings are based on only part of the purchase price and as such could supply superb money circulation benefits as rentals are lessened and the VAT is charged on regular monthly leasings rather than on the purchase cost of the devices.

How it works – Asset Finance

If you desire to find out about asset refinance please visit our asset refinance web page. If you own assets in your company they can be used as security to raise capital for your business. This can be used as deposits on new asset finance agreements or as extra working capital. An asset refinance firm will normally look to lend 70 % of the market value against any possessions that the business possesses outright.

Asset Finance Can Reduce the Costs Within Your Business

Numerous businesses remain reluctant to buy the devices they require in order to be successful. They really feel that new tools or vehicles are too costly or they do not have the self-confidence to broaden their business.

If they do not have the best devices they may be missing out on out on chances to expand and drive effectiveness within the business. In most industries of the economic climate technological developments are driving effectiveness, decreasing costs and enhancing quality so it is crucial for a lot of companies to remain competitive and invest their own businesses. This is where this service could aid.

Asset finance reduces directors guarantees as the actual asset is used as the protection to secure the necessary finance. The finance is structured in a manner that satisfies your cash flow demands and enables you to broaden with peace of mind.

If you would like to discuss your choices or just investigate what the asset finance market can offer you please get in touch with Funding Solutions.