Privacy Policy

    Why Us?

    We are truly independent and we listen to your needs.

    Our independence is important to us

    Unlike some so called ‘independent business finance brokers’ we are not owned by a lender. We are also not accepting reciprocal work from lenders that would dry up if we did not channel work in their direction.

    Some lenders or brokers will try and sell you a single product because they are targeted to do so or because that is the only product they have to offer.

    Funding Solutions is totally independent and impartial. That means that we will recommend both the finance product and the lender that is the best to meet YOUR needs.

    Our loyalty remains with our clients at all times.

    We listen to your needs

    In our experience a lot of people you meet with regard to business funding talk a lot more than they listen. The reason is simple – they want to sell you their solution and they only normally have one solution to sell.

    We approach every business conversation about funding in “full-on listening mode” because until we’ve listened to your situation we simply have no idea which of the many solutions available to us we should recommend.

    Of course after we have listened you will have to expect to answer some questions. Through developing an understanding of your business we can ensure you get the best possible solution to meet your needs.

    But at the end of the day you can be sure of one thing – you’ll end up with the deal you want, not a deal we’re trying to sell you.

    Experience has taught us that every single business is different. Some want to minimise interest, other to minimise payments, others to leverage tax positions or take advantage of various commercial circumstances. Every business needs to have a choice in order to make an informed decision. This is why we only ever do business personally, never online.

    Our job is to present you with the widest possible range of alternatives (some you may have thought of, others you may not) and then your job is to decide. At this stage it is important to realise that the same product from different lenders can vary enormously and the decision is not always about cheap headline interest rates. Consideration must be given to hidden costs such as asset valuations, audit charges, redemption penalties, tie-ins, etc.

    Naturally we’ll talk you through how all the various options work and how they might impact on your business. We’ll be happy to discuss with you how things have worked out for people we’ve seen in similar situations over the years. You can be sure we’ll give you an honest opinion.

    But we won’t sell you a thing. We leave it entirely up to you to decide what to buy.