Export Finance

Export finance could enable your company to open lucrative new abroad markets. It could allow your business to offer credit terms in overseas countries with the comfort that you will get paid and that your capital can sustain your company.

What is export finance?

Fundamentally this is an invoice finance facility that will provide finance against invoices issued to overseas. At Funding Solutions we know the invoice finance market and as such we recognise which lenders can supply an export factoring or export invoice discounting facility. More significantly we comprehend the criteria for these facilities, the potential restrictions and how you can structure these facilities to satisfy your requirements.

What are the benefits of export finance?

– Like other kinds of invoice finance can give money against your invoices at up to 90 % of the gross value.
– Export finance will finance invoices to foreign nations providing you with a capital remedy that allows your company to open brand-new markets.
– The lender will credit check your new consumers to guarantee they are credit worthy providing you with peace of mind.
– By including credit protection or credit insurance you could secure the outstanding invoices against bad financial obligations giving further comfort that you will get paid.
– If you make use of export factoring the lender may have in house credit controllers that speak overseas languages so the credit control can be performed in the language of your customer which enhances debt turn.
– Export finance is linked straight to the size of your debtor book and because of this it increases as you increase. This implies you have a flexible source of working capital that could sustain your business.

How does it work?

Export finance follows the same treatment as a typical invoice finance facility in that you deliver goods or services and afterwards raise in invoice. You inform that invoice or batch of statements to your export finance provider and they will advance you approximately 90 % of the gross invoice worth as you need.

How do I establish export finance for my company?

In the very first circumstances speak with Funding Solutions on 0845 251 4040. Our specialists can work with you to set up an export finance facility that will certainly be structured appropriately and cost effectively.

The basic standards for finance coincide with factoring and invoice discounting. The only distinction is that you require to be selling to credit worthy consumers in approved countries.