Finance for a Printing Business

At Funding Solutions we have a good knowledge of the print industry and the challenges you face. The requirement for expensive machinery can mean large fixed costs in terms of lease or hire purchase commitments. Cash flow can also be challenging as wages and materials need paying for while the larger customers require credit terms on their invoices. If your customers want to call off stock this can make matters even worse.

Funding your growth

As a print business you may have ambitious growth plans that include purchasing new machinery and increasing your sales turnover. This expansion will almost certainly require finance and probably on 2 levels.

Asset finance will allow you to spread the cost of the new machinery over a suitable period linked to the life of the asset. By using a finance lease you may also be able to spread the cost of the VAT of the length of the finance agreement. It is important to understand the impact any new asset finance agreement will have on your cash flow due to the new monthly finance repayment you are now required to make. This will need repaying from month 1 while turnover may not increase immediately.

Cash flow solutions such as invoice finance can help smooth cash flow and provide the working capital that is required to finance your planned growth. It will ensure that cash is available to make essential payments to employees and suppliers. We specialise in sourcing suitable invoice discounting and factoring facilities for our clients. We focus not just on the price of a facility but also the structure. This means that our clients get a cost effective facility that is structured in a manner to meet their needs.

Finance your cash flow

As already mentioned we understand the cash flow pressures a print business can encounter. We specialise in cash flow solutions for businesses such as yours. If you require an invoice discounting or invoice factoring facility our knowledge of the invoice finance market, the products available and the capabilities of different lenders allows us to help you. We can save you both time and money when looking for a suitable finance facility.

An invoice finance facility can release the cash that is tied up in unpaid invoices into your business. But it is imperative any such facility is structured properly so that any such funding is not unnecessarily restricted. It is also important to understand the total costs involved. We will help you understand the impact such a facility will have on your cash flow and also how it will impact on your profits.

Advice about funding your print business

If you have a print business and you are looking for advice on how best to structure your finances or how to reduce the cost of existing facilities please contact us today on 0845 251 4040

We can advise you on both asset finance and invoice finance. Maybe even an asset refinance facility is the solution? We can also work with you to ensure your cash flow forecast is working well and providing you with the necessary foresight your business requires.

Whatever the challenges you are facing contact us today.


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