Cash Flow Solutions for a Construction Contractor

At Funding Solutions, we understand the challenges that construction contractors face when trying to source cash flow solutions. We have both the industry knowledge and financial experience to find the right type of funding to suit your exact business requirements.


Your Challenges

We understand:

~ The banks do not want to assist by offering overdrafts or loans to the construction industry.
~ Traditional invoice finance lenders do not want to fund against applications for payment, stage billing and contractual debt where liquidated damages clauses exist.
~ Some of the specialist funding available is expensive, hard to administer and does not always deliver on its promise.

Our Solutions

At Funding Solutions we offer the following solutions:

Invoice Discounting: a fully confidential facility offering up to 80% prepayment against uncertified applications for payment of invoices.

Factoring: this is offered on a confidential or disclosed basis and can offer up to 80% prepayment against uncertified applications or invoices; typically, this includes a credit control service.

Spot Finance: this is where you choose which invoices to fund on an individual, ad hoc basis.

Unsecured Loans: we can also offer unsecured loans on attractive terms.

Do you need a cash flow solution?

If your business needs a cash flow solution, we will explain the ‘pros and cons’ of the different options so an informed decision can be made. Importantly, there is no ‘hard sell’. Contact us today: