Invoice Factoring or Invoice Discounting with No Contract

We can now offer clients the opportunity to finance invoices without having to be tied into lengthy contracts. In fact we can offer invoice finance without any contract at all.

The facility is totally flexible and you can finance the invoices of your choice when you like. You are not required to finance all your invoices like with traditional lenders.

You only pay for the service when you use the facility. This can be a complaint about typical invoice finance contracts where you are charged a minimum fee even when you are not utilizing the facility. With this facility you will not be charged if you are not using the service.

You can use this to finance individual export invoices. This can be great for projects and because you have the flexibility of being able to finance invoices to businesses across the world your potential market is huge.

Another benefit of this type of facility is that you do not have to provide any personal guarantees. Most invoice factoring and invoice discounting providers require some form of personal guarantee or warranty. With this type of facility this is not required.

There is also no need to register a debenture over your business assets. Again, this is what traditional invoice finance providers will require.
The charges are transparent and competitive. A common complaint from many invoice finance clients is the ‘hidden charges’ of using such a facility. With this facility the charges are plain and transparent.

If you require a truly flexible invoice finance facility at competitive rates, with no contract or tie-in, no minimum fees, no personal security and no charge registered over your business contact us today.

How will this benefit your business?

  • It will provide a flexible yet easily accessible form of working capital that can help finance growth and large orders.
  • It will keep costs to a minimum as you only pay for the service when you use it.
  • It will allow you to access other forms of finance with ease as there is no charge registered over your business assets.