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    Tiling Contractor

    November 2012

    Our client is a specialised tiling contractor with a good track record and a good regional name within the industry. They work for a lot of the large names in the construction industry. While the business was profitable it was suffering from cash flow problems because of slow payment from customers.

    Having approached their bank they were told that their business was not suitable for funding due them operating in the construction sector.

    When we got involved we were able to find a lender that understood the sector. A factoring facility was set up which provided finance against invoices as soon as they were raised. It also provided a credit management service which ensured that debts were collected effectively.

    In addition we provided a credit insurance policy that eliminated the risk of bad debts.

    The business has been able to take on new contracts with the peace of mind that they can finance the work and pay wages. They also have the added comfort that they are protected against bad debts.